Locate and Fix Leaks

We can inspect and locate the leak in your roof and advise you on what repairs are necessary to stop it.

Safety Rails

As per Worksafe guidelines, Safety Guardrails are installed on your roof prior to the commencement of your work on your roof.

Total Roof Restoration

We are the roof restoration specialists. We can have your roof looking like brand new for a fraction of the price.
We work on both Cement tile and Terracotta Roofs.
We will replace chipped and broken tiles, replace rusted valleys, pressure clean your roof, re-bed and re point all cement work, paint your roof in your choice of colour using Regent Paints, (Painting includes a 3 coat system Primer, and 2 colour coats) Clean down your roof and remove all rubbish.

Pressure Cleaning

Using high pressure water cleaners we will wash your roof, getting rid of dirt, moss, lichen and leaves. Most terracotta roofs will look brand new after being pressure cleaned.

Re-Bedding and Re-pointing

Re-bedding and Re- pointing involves removing all of the cement work on your ridges and gables replacing it with new mortar and flexible pointing. This includes changing of broken tiles.

Valley Iron

Replacements Rusted Valley Irons can cause leaking in your roof. We can replace your valley irons. We use storm seal instead of mortar in the valleys to stop leaks.

Scotia Replacements

The scotia is the strip of wood underneath your gable tiles. This wood is exposed to the weather and as such can rot away. If you scotia has rotted away we can organise to have it replaced for you.

Flashing Replacements

Roof Flashings that are rusted or cracked can cause leaking into your roof. Roof flashings are installed where different surfaces join together, they are especially important around chimneys and skylights. We can replace the flashings to ensure that your roof remains water tight.

Gutter Replacements

We have licensed plumbers who can look after all your guttering needs. If you are having your gutters replaced and your roof restored we will install your gutters first as it can disturb some of the ridge caps on your roof.

Whirly Bird Installation

We can install whirly birds in your roof. Whirly Birds installed in your roof help with removing hot, moist air from your roof cavities and replace it with fresh air.

Leaf Screen

We can organise installation of Leaf Screen in your gutters to stop leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters and downpipes.

Insurance Work

We are able to work with you and your insurance company to ensure that your roof is fixed as quickly as possible.

Roof Painting

We use Regent Paints who have over 40 different colours to choose from. Cant find the one you like? We can also colour match to a sample.
We use a three coat system consisting of Sealer and two colour coats.